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0 being not desperate at all. 10 means you acted extremely crazy by calling and texting all the time, stalking and or being creepy.
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Did you have a long distance relationship with your ex? *

A long distance relationship is when you both stay in different cities, different states or different countries.
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The scale goes from very frequently to very rarely.
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Forget about what your ex said or what happened during the breakup. Think about the times before the breakup and try to answer this question as honestly as possible.

If you are unsure, then just select "Loss of Attraction".

Were you at any time abusive to your ex? *

This includes both physical abuse and emotional abuse. Choose the option most relevant to your case.

{{answer_26617532}}, you were abusive to your ex. Do you really believe that you can change and when you get back together, you will not be abusive to them anymore? *

Are you willing to make major life changes and take definitive action to make sure that you will never be abusive to your ex ever again?
These changes include, going to therapy, enrolling in 12 step programs and getting professional help.

Has your ex taken any extreme measure to keep you away from their life? *

Extreme measure like getting a restraining order against you, moving to a different city or country to get away from you.

Considering that you will have a very hard time getting back in touch with your ex, do you believe you should still try to get your ex back? *

Do you truly believe that if given one more chance, your relationship with your ex will be a strong and healthy one? *

Do you want to get your ex back for the right reasons?

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